DisplayProcess monitoring for sealing systems with 2-component sealants

The processing of 2-component sealants requires a certain quality inspection of the mixing ratio. Instead of complex and time-consuming procedures, the SEALANT INSPECTOR monitors continuously the mixing ratio. Moreover, it informs immediately about any deviation.

This ensures that the requirements of the sealant manufacturer are reached. Therefore, the IG manufacturer knows that the mixed sealant fulfils the specified guaranteed properties (e.g. tensile strength, adhesion etc.). Variations in the mixture would have both short- and long-term consequences (for example, a non-hardening edge seal, missing tightness, or reduced adhesion properties).
Therefore, the sealant manufacturers require strict quality controls. They user has to check the mixing quality and pot life (snap time) as well as the mixing ratio. For this purpose, the individual components are filled simultaneously via exhaust valves to the mixing station in separate vessels. The mixing ratio is then determined by weighing the respective mass. This procedure is repeated three times and an average is calculated. If this is out of tolerance, the IG production has to stop and the mixing station has to be re-adjusted again. This procedure has to be performed after each re-start of the production line and after each barrel change. This makes it very complex and expensive.
By using the SEALANT INSPECTOR, this expensive and time-consuming control of the mixing ratio is not necessary! Because the system monitors and controls continuously the mixing ratio and informs the user immediately if deviations occur. Thus the operator can react immediately, even before a faulty IG unit is produced. All measurements are automatically documented by the device.
The recorded data can be accessed directly from the network. All data can be transferred to the company database. The SEALANT INSPECTOR can be installed at all usual barrel pumps, both for manual sealing as well as for sealing robot. The IG production has to be interrupted only briefly.


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