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entspannenThe economic success of modern insulated glass production significantly depends on 3 factors:

  • uniform, assured quality
  • optimal, systematic use of all resources (time, material, equipment availability)
  • compliance with statutory regulations (CE mark, EN 1279, documentation, etc.)

HELANTEC offers systems for quality assurance and quality verification. An assured verification is superior to “claim or assume” in every situation.

The IPC (integrated production control) visualises the filling process in real time. At a glance you know whether the filling process is being executed correctly and economically. In addition, all filling processes, i.e. each IG unit, is documented – in an automated procedure, without additional effort.

For gas filling presses, with the IGM/IPA process monitor, consisting of ISO-GAS-METER (IGM) and ISO-PRESS-ANALYSER (IPA), we offer you a gas filling process monitor. Among other things, it monitors and visualises the gas filling process of each manufactured IG unit, signals deviations in concentration, gas consumption, and documents the filling process. It is 100% process monitoring. Thus deviations to the normal production and errors are detected immediately and can be directly resolved. There are no comparable systems on the market! Only HELANTEC makes gas visible.

Although trust, confidence, and hope in a successful production do indeed represent the most comfortable solution, it is far too little for modern industrial manufacturing and thus the corporate risk is too high.


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